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MirrorSEAL SystemTechnical Data
MirrorSeal: White, water-based continuous-film emulsion coating. Base coat off-white.
MIRRORFAB: White, spun bound polyester backbone fabric, 48" (1.22m) wide, weight 2.2 oz/sq. yard (75 gr/m2).
Solids by volume: 60%
Mixing: Not required.
Gel time: One hour
Dry time: Four hours or more, depending on climatic conditions.
Thickness: 22 mils (0.06cm) applied
Weight: 22.5 oz/sq. yard (763 gr/m2)
Moisture - vapor transmission: 0.94 perms/mil
Burst Strength: 155 PSI (10.9 kg/cm2)
Tensile Strength: MD 56 lbs (25.4 kg), XD 18 Lbs (8.2kg)
Cure Time: 60% 8 hours; 90% 48 hours depending on climate conditions
Viscosity: @70 ºF (21 ºC): 85 KU
Flash Point: None
FDA Approval: Meets 175-300
Coverage: Approximately 3 sq. ft./lb. (0.62 m2/kg) for
basecoat, 12 sq. ft./lb. (2.48m2/kg) for topcoat. These are calculated averages, and will vary from job to job.
Heat Aged Tensile: No change
Elongation: MD 19%, XD 29%
Dimensional Stability: 99%
Ultraviolet Resistance: No stiffening of surface crazing. Over 282,500 hours Arizona exposure in ongoing tests.
  • The information contained herein is given in good faith, but no warranty expressed or implied is made.

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