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Application Instructions



Assemble the materials required to complete your re-roofing project. You will need MirrorSEAL Penetrating Base, MirrorFAB Spunbound Fabric, MirrorSEAL Reflective Top Coat and Mucky-Puck for filling holes and cracks  and  sealing penetrations.



Only hand tools are required to install the MirrorSEAL system. Tools include:  brooms for cleaning; brush and roller with 1" to 1 1/4" nap; scissors and knife and a tape measure.


As a precautionary measure due to MirrorSEAL's high reflectivity, applicators are advised to make use of both dark glasses and a protective sun screen ointment.  

Caution: Do not apply if roof is wet or rain is anticipated. Do not apply if temperature is less than 45º

Surface Preparation

The entire roof's surface must be thoroughly cleaned. The roof must be free from all oil, grease, dust,  debris  and  water. (Remember, the System will only be as good as the surface it's being bonded to.)

  Click here to see a video demonstration

Pre-patch all holes, cracks and bubbles. Let the air out of bubbles as shown by slitting with a utility knife. Apply strips of MirrorFAB with a 6" overlap. Brush  with  MirrorSEAL Penetrating Base until fabric is thoroughly saturated


On new wood decks or rigid insulation caulk all seams and level with the roof surface. Caulk or fill all knotholes, wood splits and other surface irregularities with Mucky-Puck and level with the roof surface. Cover all caulked seams by saturating a 4" wide strip of MirrorFAB  with MirrorSEAL Penetrating Base and placing it along the entire length of the seam.



Getting Started:

Parapet Roof


Roll or brush MirrorSEAL Penetrating base coat on top and inside of parapet wall and adjacent roof surface for a length of approximately 4 feet.  Lean MirrorFAB roll from parapet to roof, and roll out over wet base coat section.  (In high wind condition, piece instead of rolling fabric out.) Use a brush or roller to fully saturate fabric with underlying base coat.  


Non-Parapet Roof:
Begin at the drainage area of roof and work toward the peak.   Application9


1 . 2 . 3  Installation

Step 1: Apply Penetrating Base
Using a brush or roller, cover an area approximately 4 feet wide and 4 feet long with a liberal, smooth, even coating of MirrorSEAL Penetrating Base.

Step 2: Roll Out MirrorFAB    
Roll MirrorFAB over the area you just covered with the MirrorSEAL Penetrating Base. Using a "V" stroke with the roller, fully saturate the fabric with base coat. It is important that all fabric is fully saturated and all air bubbles removed. Once MirrorFAB has been overlaid the liberally applied base coat, use pressure and "V" strokes on a long-handled, 1" to 11/4" nap paint roller to ensure airless, evenly-applied MirrorFAB surface.

Overlap each strip of fabric approximately 2". Strips will self-vulcanize creating a seamless under surface. Overlap edging, ductwork and other mechanical protrusions 4" to 8".

Step 3: Apply Reflective Top Coat    
Once the base coat saturated MirrorFAB is dry to the touch (approximately  4  hours, depending on atmospheric conditions),   MirrorSEAL Reflective Top Coat can be rolled or sprayed over the entire surface.

Final cleanup can be accomplished with soap and water before materials set up.

Roof Penetrations Preparations
Cut strips of MirrorFAB in 4 to 6 inch sections so that the grain of fabric runs vertically. Apply Penetrating Base over the roof penetration and place MirrorFAB strips around base of penetration (grain of the fabric should be running vertical to the vent pipe). The edges of the strips should be overlapped at least ½ inch to form a continuous bond around the penetration. Apply additional Penetrating Base to fully saturate the fabric, then brush smooth. The top of the penetration may be wrapped using a single strip of MirrorFAB. Click here to see a video demonstration
HVAC and Swamp Coolers  
Unit should be lifted or jacked up and support blocks moved. Roll out a layer of Penetrating Base and impregnate with a section of MirrorFAB. Saturate with a second layer of Penetrating Base. Seal ductwork using a layer of Base, a strip of MirrorFAB and a second layer of Base. Return unit to its original position when MirrorSEAL System is dry to the touch. click here to see a demonstration video



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